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My Life

by Vasa Mihailovich

I highly appreciate Professor Vasa Mihailovich’s work on studying and representing Slavic literatures in the USA. We, Slavic language writers, are very much obliged to him. It is my belief that the work of professor Mihailovich will be the foundation of further studies of Slavic literatures in the USA and elsewhere.

Miodrag Pavlovic
Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts

Professor Mihailovich is one of those who with their efforts maintain Serbia’s cultural reputation in the first country of the New World Order. Without these efforts, there could be no chance of an even higher ascent.

Dr. Aleksandar Petrov

A scattered letter of the Serbian wandering literature found in Vasa Mihailovich the author, perhaps the most prolific and certainly the quietest and the most delicate one.

Matija Beckovic
Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts

Vasa Mihailovich is a poet of the highest order, endowed with great and authentic talent, whose works should be translated into English and other global languages, in order to become accessible to international readers, which they abundantly deserve. There are increasing reasons to believe that Vasa is already on the way to realizing and leaving behind an opus by which future generations will almost certainly include him among the most significant Serbian poets of imperishable and enduring value.

Dr. George Vid Tomashevich
State University College at Buffalo